Utilizing augmented robotic and skilled labor is what sets Technique Chassis a part from the rest of the industry. Robotic welding processes drastically improved production with its speed and precision. Robotic welding technology creates a reliable and repeatable solution, time and time again thus creating more consistency at a higher rate of production while maintaining integrity and quality.


  • Increased reliability and repeatability
  • Increased speed and precision
  • Increased consistency, integrity, and quality of work
  • Reduction in defects and rework due to errors
  • Quick response to complex configuration changes
At Technique Chassis, our team utilizes multiple robotic welding stations from industry-leader Lincoln Electric. Their HyperFill® Fab-Pak® has redefined the robotic welding industry by drastically increasing deposition rates for efficiency and maximizing productivity. Robotic welding is optimal for mid to large sized projects which makes it ideal for metal prototype chassis.

Technique Welding


Being located in the heart of motorsports, allows us at Technique Chassis to have world-class welders at our fingertips. With our certified welders, you can count on unprecedented quality and service that sets the industry standard for metal prototype chassis. 

Our human team utilizes MIG, TIG, Fusion, Spot, and projection welding to build the highest quality physical, durable chassis in the industry. We’re so confident in our welding capabilities, that our team even certifies our welding and assembly fixtures produced in-house.